Every step is a journey of self-discovery.

Sunset at Meningie, South Australia

As an artist and researcher, each step is a pilgrimage of self-discovery. Each voyage follows a winding road of emotions, passion, determination, memories, perseverance and resilience. The journey itself is bursting with uncertainty; the stories and experiences gained are invaluable to synthesize new knowledge. The process can be meditative and nostalgic; it is therapeutic and even felt like a rhythmic dance drifting to the sunset. Thinking of research as art and theory have its ups and downs, often the outcome of the journey is unexpected turns and twists, which is quite frustrating, and yet it is the best way to learn, allowing a minute of silence to embrace the scenery – take a breath, smell the air and heal the body and soul. Revitalize with new ideas, it is time to continue my journey and get back to live life creatively. Imagine creating wearable art that seems impossible but bring hope and a smile, a heartfelt tear or merely taking someone breath away.